The High Key Holiday Gift Guide!

Hey Y'all!

It has been a while since I did a blog post but instead of doing a life update, I decided I wanted to do a surprise holiday gift guide for all of my small business friends. Leaving ATX has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do because of the community of people I met there. Having She Is High Key online has been a challenge, and I am so proud of all of the small business owners in ATX still grinding at these markets! So I hand-selected all of these businesses that will be featured and will continue to post more throughout the week! Please take a look at the first 5 business below and support them through the holiday season.


1. Basil Moon

IG: @basil__moon

Ashely and I met at a market in East Austin, we were neighbors and her smile was so big and cute. I, however, was having a horrible morning before the market had even started but she didn't take it personally and introduced herself anyways. We vended together a few more times that month and of course over a session and some white claws, we became vendor besties. Basil Moon Studio is named after her adorable pup Basil, my niecey poo! Ash started working with polymer clay back in 2019 and has built it into a small business powerhouse of unique jewelry! She did a collab with Susannah Joffe that was amazing and I am so proud of how far she has come since we met. Ash even did a custom pair of cannabis leaf earrings for me, this girl's talents are endless! Shop with her this season for all of your fun jewelry needs! 


2. Shelley Moon Designs 

IG: @ShelleyMoonDesigns

Shelley and I met at my third market I had ever vended at! She immediately took me under her wing and even though she was selling at a booth (not close to me) she was sending people over to my tent left and right. She is the older sister I never had. Shelley is definitely a jack of all trades, from being a photographer to starting a kimchi business to designing amazing jewelry, this woman has done it all! Shelley's website is currently down but you can still shop with her at her in-person markets or you can shoot her a message on IG. Her jewelry is perfect to upgrade your holiday outfits!


3. Riley Glenn Photography

IG: @RileySheaGlenn

There is definitely going to be a trend of "I met this person at a market" But like I said, I love my vendor fam! If you have seen any of my pictures that don't look like they were taken on an iPhone, they came from this beautiful soul right here! Riley was actually one of my customers and offered to take some product pics for me because she loved my shop so much! But she's actually a kick-ass queer-centered wedding photographer. While she is not like most of the other makers and creators on this list. She is definitely someone you want to shoot for your wedding. This woman is AMAZING behind the camera but even more amazing as a human. Book her for your next shoot <3

4. Blow Candle Co.


Monique and I met late in my vendor journey but hit it off right away! Bonding over living in WA and moving to TX we quickly became friends. We even did a collaboration together for Mother's Day! I don't know about you but I love candles and my girl does not disappoint! She recently opened up a studio in Leander, TX where you can shop and she hosts candle events there as well! Y'all run, don't walk to support Blow Candle Co. because we are shopping small all season long!

 5. WCK - West Coast Kassy

IG: @westcoast_kassy

Kassy and I also bonded over being west coast gals when we met at a Happy Clouds market! She is the sweetest human ever; whenever we would vend together, it was a party! She started out hanging her art up in a smoke shop and now has become a TikTok sensation! Her art is perfect for all the cannabis and psychedelic connoisseurs out there! She's also dropping the cutest squirtle grinders on 12/9 so definitely stay tuned for that!

Keep checking back for more posts! I will continue to add to this list over the next week because all of these amazing humans deserve your support this holiday season! And while you are here don't forget to shop the website! Everything is available again and you can use the code THANKYOU10 for 10% until the 12/5!

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