I Needed To Detach... So I Spent A Few Days In Naxos!

I spent the last few days on the island of Naxos. It's the largest island in the Cyclades, the birth place of Zeus and an absolutely beautiful place! After being in a city with 3.167 million people for the last month, I just wanted to do something calm, easy and slow. 

When you think of the Greek Islands, you probably imagine Mykonos or Santorini, with the white buildings and blue roofs with amazing views. But with that comes crowds of people and well honestly, it's more expensive. So if you ever get the chance to come to Greece, my advice is to go to Naxos! It is just as beautiful for half the cost and 1/3 of the people. I will say I didn't rent a car so I didn't get see as much of the island as I would have liked but the parts I did see, I fell in love. So definitely rent a car too!

I got in on Wednesday afternoon and walked around a bit until I checked into my Air BnB. After I got settled in, I treated myself to a rooftop dinner and wine at Flamingo's and watched the sun set. Thursday, I walked through the shopping area of the town and talked with lots of small business owners. I filled myself up by just taking everything in and it definitely made me miss She Is High Key even more! Now Friday was a whole different vibe! I decided to do something I have never done before and booked a day cruise on a Catamaran with 18 random people. We sailed around the island, stopped off at the Rhina Cave and snorkeled, jumped off the boat in to the Aegean Sea, we had snacks, lunch and all you can drink wine and beer. I even got to drive the boat. I made a bunch for connections that probably won't last because EVERYONE was hammered and had an amazing time. My trip to Naxos was hands down a 10/10 and totally recommend!

I know that everyone has been feeling the weight of what has been going on in the world, especially in the states; it's a big reason why I have been so quiet on sharing. But I spent the weekend smiling more than I have in a long time. So my advice to y'all is to unplug, do something that brings you joy. Not work or something you always do but something new. Try something new that brings you joy and never feel guilty for taking care of you.


You’re so right about places like Santorini! So overrated. I can’t wait to get back to spend time on the other less crowded and less popular islands like you mentioned. Love hearing about your boat trip sounds like a beautiful time! ❤️

Tabria Williford

I felt like I was there while I was reading this! & you’re so right – I need to get out, detach & do something new. Thanks, key!


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