Jet Lag, Souvlaki and Queer Bars!

Let me tell y'all this time change has kicked my ass this week, I am DEAD! As I write this blog, it is around 7p here in Athens, 11a in Austin and 9a in Tacoma. It has taken me a full week to get on track, and I hate to admit it but I wasn't in a rush to adjust. I think I needed a break from the pressure of a schedule and to start my healing journey not as a tourist in a new city but a girl who needed rest and relaxation.

Today I had Souvlaki for lunch, and I've had it before but man did it hit different! Ugh as I type this, I want more. If you've ever enjoyed a good meal with me, you know I happy dance when I eat something delicious and let me tell you I might as well have been twerking it was so good! *inserts mouth watering emoji* not going to lie, I kind of want it for dinner too haha. 

As I've been out exploring the city, I felt like I needed to start with the queer café and bar scene. They all kinda reminds me of Radio City for my Austin peeps. Everywhere that I have been has sold coffee and alcohol.

The first place I visited to was Roosters. If y'all saw my stories recently, it's where I had the perfect bite. First off let me brag about eating onions and not having onion breath, I was shocked! But that's not even the best part. The feta!!!!!!! Yes, that many exclamation points because it was the best cheese I have tasted and I am a self proclaimed cheese connoisseur. Then the cucumbers and olives OMG I was in heaven, it really was the perfect bite.

The second place I tried was Beaver, a lesbian co-op owned café and bar. It was super cute and I spent about 2 hours there drinking coffee and people watching. I loved it! Even though it was right next to a gym and watching people do laps around the building made me feel like I needed to join them but I count my hour walk in to the centre as exercise.

Next I hit up Del Sol Cafe, again if you've been watching my stories, it was that cute bathroom pic I posted yesterday lol. I stopped drinking before I left Austin for a few weeks to clear my head and once I got here I decided to keep the drinking to a minimum so I had a ginger lemonade that was delicious and again, people watched. I was joined by a stray pup that I was warned to ignore, so as much as it pained me, I did. BTW, there are so many strays here :(

The fourth cafe/bar I went to was Myrovolos. It was giving Revival vibes, pink and hanging plants lol (again that's a reference for the Austin peeps lol). They were having a watch party for a singing contest in their cute court yard area. I know I just told y'all I cut back on drinking but who can pass up free beer lmao. I had to try Greek beer, duh! It's no Electric Jellyfish or Mack and Jack's but Nymph's beer is on to something!

The last bar I went to so far is B 357. Another lesbian owned bar in the Gizi neighborhood. A neighborhood that has been labeled the LGBT side of town. The vibe was chill, a more mature crowd, small but still had room to move around. I could see this being a spot I could frequent :) their beer selection was lacking but I did have a shot of something greek, just can't remember the name lol.

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Was the shot mastika? Love that! It’s sweet and pine-like.

Julia Weeks

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