Much Needed Rest And A Big Update!

How dare I ask y'all how often I should post then go MIA for 6 day lol. But y'all know you can count on me to always keep it real, and the real is my cycle, my time of the month, whatever you call it, took me out, dead body!!! I just didn't have it in me to do anything worth blogging about. I was just feeling very overwhelmed and uneasy, dreading having to plan another day of squeezing past people and not going in to places because of how packed they were and well COVID, so I laid low.

But I have news..

While Athens has been a great place to start my healing journey. I am making a pivot because my spirit is calling me to the next adventure. Where, might you be asking... Well, if I've talked to you for any amount of time in the last few years, you're probably guessing Italy :) and you're right! I definitely think that a month was too long to only be in Athens and with the options I had for work falling through, I felt it was time to move on. So June 8th, I am on to the next!

Haha I feel like a freshman in a coming of age movie at a huge University that is trying to find her way around. And I will now confirm, I am no longer a city girl. I joke a lot about it but the city life is not for me. I think I liked living in South Austin because I didn't feel the crowdedness of being closer to downtown or even by the Domain. Then I liked living in small a** Indiana, PA because well it was small! I look back at college and am so thankful I went to a small school in the middle of no where. I do know that I need to be somewhere that I can still "go in to the city" and get recharged. But I do love being in walkable city, it's just not enough of a reason to keep putting up with big crowed places for the sake of getting good pics. It's just not for me. Look at me realizing stuff about myself on this healing journey!! 

I am going to say this a lot on this blog, I did this to heal, not to just site see. So this is a part of me healing. And as some of you may know, I wanted to come to Europe to farm. So that is what I am trying to do, find opportunities where I can go and just farm for a few weeks to a month and move on. 

So fingers crossed, say a prayer, send good vibes, whatever it is that you do and believe in, please send them my way! And leave a comment with some encouragement if you read all of this and miss me :)





Also, I am still doing a fund raiser to get my certificate to teach English abroad and you can donate here:


Rest is always necessary and I’m glad you listen to your body. I’m so glad I figured out you have a blog since I was wondering where the photos were LOL. Italy sounds like a great place to hit next and I look forward to what’s next for you on this journey!

Stana Fields

Hi Key!!
You got this girl! I believe in you! Sending prayers and good vibes your way.


Hey beauty!! I love this and I wish you much love and healing on your journey. I was telling my wife I’m quitting my job to begin my journey of healing and slow living. I wish you the best!

Nicie Hey Cousin Co

I loved reading this so much! I agree so much — the hustle and bustle in Athens is a lot and very touristy but glad you got there and enjoyed yourself. Italy is fabulous and sending you all the good vibes along your journey be safe and continue to keep us posted on your journey! <3

Tabria Williford

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