The Ugly Truth About Traveling with Depression

The real real!

For those of you who don't know, I suffer from Bipolar Type II Depression. And while I joked heavily about this adventure being my Eat, Pray, Love journey... The truth is sometimes my depression wins. Yesterday was one of those days! I have moved enough times to know that there is a cycle that comes with it. Day 1 I am PUMPED and ready to explore. Day 2 I start to question my decision. Then there's day 3 where immobility sets in, I am consumed by doubt and tiredness from being overwhelmed and overstimulated, basically shit gets real! But unlike my past moves, I refused to let my depression win. So while I didn't venture out into this beautiful new city yesterday, I did start this blog, watch a new movie and planned what to do once I regained my energy!

I'm sharing this because I know lot of people wanted to go on this journey with me. And in no way shape or form am I going to lie about this experience. I am celebrating the growth that I have made in my mental health today because what normally would have taken me out for at least 4 days, I was able to fight and bounce back in 1! GO ME! This is a huge accomplishment because pre-covid I took an amazing rode trip from PA to NOLA and once I got there I completely shut down and missed out on a dope festival and kicking it in my favorite US city. So today I embrace the break down of yesterday and learn from the past, celebrate the future and keep it moving!

Stay Blazed!


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Your amazing thank you for sharing your journey.


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