Thunderstorms, Rest Day and Learning...

When I checked the weather report Sunday night for Monday it said thunder showers possible all day. Now as a native Washingtonian, ya girl is never scared of a little rain. But I just wasn't sure what the rain would be like here, so Monday was another slow, take it easy day. When I woke up the chance of rain kept moving and every time I looked the damn report said chance of rain starting within the next hour. Well people it is 8p and the rain never came. It also was 85 degrees all day! Do I have egg on my face or what?! But is a rest day ever a bad thing? Not in my opinion at least! And if it's your opinion, keep it to yourself!

So what did my rest day look like this time? Well Greek Netflix has the Blacklist season 9 on it so I may or may not have finished it. I ordered from Walt, which is basically UberEats but way better. I tried Greek doughnuts which is why I think I am slowly turning into a loaf of bread. And I did a lot of researching on how to become a digital nomad, the cheapest way to island hop and must see places in Greece. Signed up for Trusted Housesitters, looked into the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, Nomador and getting a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate and checked out a few other sites that fellow nomads recommended. I also created a campaign on to help with cost of all these programs fees.

PS - you can donate here:

Tomorrows post has a lot but I think it is important to talk about my off days as well as the adventurous days!

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