What's New With She Is High Key?

When I made the decision to close down She Is High Key for a while, I had no idea what I was going to do! I love my brand and never wanted to close up shop but life happens. So after my Instagram post back in April, I was overloaded with questions... "What's next?" being the most commonly asked. And as I have already told y'all, I didn't know.

A few weeks after the post I started feeling a strong pull to just leave the country. And after a not so fun night of drinking, I made the decision to sell all of my stuff and pack a backpack and one carry on suit case with whatever I could fit and bought a one way ticket to Greece. Haha WTF was I thinking you ask? I wasn't thinking lmao and that's ok! I saw a TikTok a few months ago talking about just be delusional and do what makes you happy. And that is what I am doing.

So here I am, 3 days into a one way ticket to Athens, Greece, sitting in my Air BnB thinking about how much I miss making CBD Bath and Body Care, so I decide to start this blog on my already existing website because eventually I will be selling my AMAZING products again! But for now you can follow along with me on this wild journey as I explore this beautiful country and get to know Key better!


Stay Blazed!


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I love follow your heart.Follow your dreams.


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